I was supposed to do this post in the beginning of August, but things got a little hectic. However, everything happens in the right timing. Once you get a glance of today’s mani, you will understand why it was worth the wait.

Here is the box that my August Julep shipment came in.


Julep’s extra goodies never fail to please me.


So, in this box, I received an iPhone screen cleaner and coupons. This is very cool, because Julep is promoting their new Iphone App that allows you to manage your monthy Maven boxes. It is very necessary for me, because I always miss the emails in my inbox.

These colors that came in the box were a total surprise.


India (Blue) and Waleska (Green). Two shimmery shades that remind me of that last dip in the water at the beach. The last taste of summer, when the water is actually warmer than at any other time of the year. (In NYC).

I also received a gel eye glider eyeliner in Rich Brown.


I will have to see how this color looks on my skin. It just might get lost in the tone of my skin. But, its worth a try right? Here is a closeup of the color.


So, now that we have seen the goods let’s get to the fun part……Brazil.

Brazil was where the 2014 World Cup took place, and they lost horribly to Germany. The saddest part was that the start player Neymar got injured during play, fracturing a vertebrae. I always felt that he was a survivor, and hoped for the day that he would play again. I hoped it would be on a television network that I could see it on. Two weeks ago, I saw a Living Social deal for a Brazil vs. Ecuador game. At first, I didn’t believe it. But, it was true. The game will be in Met Life Stadium this evening, and of course I purchase tickets for the game. Who needs a TV. Win or lose, I want to see him play. But, of course I am hoping for a win.

So, the timing of the game makes this post perfect, because I used the colors to create a Brazilian themed manicure.


I am so excited for this game. This will be my first live FUTBOL game EVER!!!!


All of the colors used are from Julep. The names are Waleska, Abbie, Bunny, Sunny, and India.


Fun times are planned for this evening!! I can’t wait!!!