August is here, and my BirchBox has arrived. I am so excited.


So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it.



The first product that I grab is Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner.




I am very excited about this because I have used their They’re Real Mascara before, and I just received another one as a gift from Sephora for my birthday. This will complete the set. There will be an upcoming review on it.

Next is Whish Shave Cream


Shaving can be very harsh on the skin. This cream is infused with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Green Tea, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, and Organic Coconut Oil. It sounds like all of the perfect ingredients for hair oil as well. The lovely thing is that all of these ingredients have amazing moisturizing and sooting benefits for the skin. The formula is also Paraben, sulfate, DEA, TEA, and petrochemical free. Great. Crude oil derivatives should not be touching the skin. Especially sensitive skin hat has just been shaved. It also has a fresh floral scent that has a hint of citrus. This makes me actually look forward to shaving.

The third product is K6 Skin Care’s Clean Antioxidant Facial Cleanser


This formula is paraben free as well. Woohoo!!! It is also vegan. I look forward to trying it after Bikram Yoga. They say it’s great for all skin types. Let’s see how it works on sweaty and salty skin. After detoxing, this sounds like a great thing to use.

Next up is the beauty envelope.


Inside, we have LAQA & Co.’s Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in the color Bees Knees (Coral).


This is in line with my peachy orange color obsession this summer. I look forward to using it. You can never have too much lipgloss.

Lastly, There is a sample of Catherine Malandrino’s Style de Paris Fragrance.

I am usually skeptical about fragrance samples, and I either immediately love it or hate it. My nose is very sensitive, and certain scents give me headaches and the sneezies. However, this one I LOVE. It’s a fruity floral scent that makes me want to get dressed up and wear a long flowy dress, and take a long stroll in the park while sipping on a glass of wine. It is a perfect summer fragrance.

As a bonus, Benefit and Birchbox are hosting a Beauty Bash.



So, of course I signed up. The prize is a kit filled with party swag and makeup products for 5 of my BFF’s. This can be the best girls night ever. My friends always ask for one on one makeup tips. So, getting them all together with summer beverages and appetizers would be amazing. In order to better my chances, I had to link an Instagram post of a picture that represents my love for beauty. I love being able to experiment with makeup looks that aren’t something that you see every day. So, here is the pic I chose.


This is one of the best makeup looks I have done on my own face. This was during Trinidad Carnival. I was in a hurry, sweating, and rhinestones kept falling off as I was applying them. But, somehow it all came together in time for me to head to the parade and be part of the festivities. And, most of the rhinestones managed to stay on my face throughout the day.