This post has been long overdue. I am grateful that I finally have a moment to write it. Whew!

My birthday was on July 22nd. Last year, I was in nail school, and had to keep my nails bare because in class we worked on each other’s hands. This year, all that I have learned has come full circle.

I decided to do what I like to call CARNIVAL NAILS. It is a glitter acrylic overlay that only needs clear nail polish. The design is laid in the acrylic, and a clear coat seals it. No chipping, and no glitter falling off.

First it starts with choosing the acrylic. I used the EZ Flow brand. They have an array of different glitter sub-categories. I chose from their Boogie Nights Confetti and Boogie Nights Walk of Fame Collection. The colors are Celebrate, I Love a Parade, and Leading Lady.


Celebrate is an iridescent hexagonal glitter with a clear base
I Love a Parade is a peachy pink base with tiny flecks of glitter, and mini iridescent hexagonal pieces
Leading Lady is a copper toned pure glitter


I chose to do a gradient by using Leading Lady as the base, then adding I Love a Parade over it, and Celebrate over that. I had to make sure to use thin layers. Once the glitter and color elements were placed where I wanted them, I used clear acrylic to seal the design. I let the acrylic harden, and filed the nail. I used Seche Vite for a quick dry high shine coating.


I absolutely love this manicure. My nails were very short, and I did the extension technique to lengthen them without the need for tips.


So, I went out for my dinner, and one of my lovely friends said “I have something coming in the mail for you”. When it came in the mail, I called her to say “You know me so well”.

I got a BIRCHBOX subscription for 3 months. Woohoo!!!! I have always wanted one, but was so caught up with Julep, that I never signed up.




There are 2 teabags. Organic Green Tea with Mint, and Roobios Chai. I love both of these flavors, so I am excited to see how this “Harney & Sons Fine Teas” brand flavors their tea. I can totally see myself drinking the roobios tea after Bikram Yoga. Well, that is after I stop sweating.


Next up, Environmental Repair Plus After Sun Recovery Lotion. This is definitely going into the vacation bag NOW. The sun in Trinidad is ruthless.


The next sample is Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect Spray. Well, this looks like it will become a leave in conditioner to use when I decide to flat iron my hair. We will see how it holds up to my blow-dryer’s heat.


Lastly, there is this cute little envelope/pouch to open.


Inside, is a mini bottle of Color Club nail polish and a Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner.


I am not really fond of the light blue nail polish color, but it could go well as a base for a design, so I am not going to totally knock it. I am thinking I can use it in a water marble design.

As a woman, you can never have too many eyeliners. I like to keep one in my main makeup bag, and have a backup makeup bag just in case the initial makeup bag gets lost, or left at work or a friend’s house. A little lipstick and eyeliner is essential in refining your look, even if your foundation and eyeshadow are hiding somewhere. This may sound extreme to some, but I once left my makeup bag in someone’s trunk, and had to get ready for a party the next day without my essentials. Having backups are a necessity!!!!

Overall, I am happy with my BIRCHBOX. I can find a use for every one of the products in my personal care routine. To Miss E. from CT, I love you for getting me such a lovely gift. I am enjoying these surprises coming in the mail. Thank you so much!