Buying beauty products is an exciting pastime. But, nothing excites me more than getting beauty products on SALE. And I’m a serious stalker.

After, I received my glorious foundation and concealers for highlighting and contouring, I realized that I left Sephora without a proper brush. Dang it!!!! A friend of mine recommended what she calls the “Skunk Brush” from MAC.

But, after spending over $100 in makeup, I just didn’t have it in me to shell out $42 for a brush. I still need to eat, and NYC is an expensive place to live.

So, the next day, I walk into Duane Reade on Broadway and 42nd St. for vitamins, and look at what I found!!!

I said why not? Let’s give it a try.


With a price point of $14.99, I saved $27. KACHING!!!! Enough for a top shelf Martini, and a nice tip for the hot Bartender.

Ok, so back to my mission.
I passed the hair products section, and found that all of the Shea Moisture products were on sale. Shea Moisture is my tried and true product line for luscious hair that is healthy, shiny, and not sticky. I have been using it since it was first introduced in Target years ago. It is organic, and the Coconut Hibiscus flavor smells like you have emerged out of a tropical heaven. However, the price has went up from $9.99 to a range from $11.99 to $13.99. It is now available in Ricky’s and Sally Beauty as well. So, when I see a sale for it, I go crazy. I bought the Shampoo and Moisture Mist (leave in conditioner i.e. Day 2-3 curl fluffer).


Being the obsessed beauty junkie that I am, I walked 3 blocks to another Duane Reade, but there was no Shea Moisture on sale. The nerve!!!! Didn’t they get the memo? I didn’t feel like arguing for a discount, so I went home.

The next day, I went back to the original Duane Reade, and found these goodies!


This is the 1 product I cannot live without. I apply it to my curls while they are wet, and they hold their shape once dry, without feeling greasy or sticky. I actually bought all that they had on the shelf, which was only 2. KACHING !!! I saved $12. Enough for lunch.

So, I was thinking life couldn’t get any sweeter, then I realized my face wash was running out. I decided to go to Rite-Aid in my neighborhood to see what I could find. Then, some other things ended up in my cart.


Garnier Face wash. Buy 1, get 1 Half off. I decided to get facial wipes as well, because it is so essential when removing makeup.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. 2 for $6. This is originally $5.49. Such an awesome deal. This is the best conditioner that I can use consistently to detangle my curls. It really does the job in 3 minutes. On days when I’m rushing to get ready, it is a relief not to have to spend 20 minutes trying to detangle your tresses.

Maybelline Makeup. Buy 1, get 1 half off. I bought the Mandarin Vivid lipstick for my mom, and got the Pink Color Tattoo Pigment for $3.49.

Ardell individual lash starter kit. $10.

I tried these for Halloween, and fell in love. The lashes actually stayed on for 4 days with careful makeup removal daily. 1 or 2 fell out, but I easily stuck them back on. What I love is that the kit comes with different lengths, so you can make it as dramatic as you want. There is also a set of tweezers, glue, and removal solution included. The only thing missing is a steady hand.


The great thing about this is, I received UP rewards that I can use towards my next purchase. $3.00 for the lashes, and $4.00 for the Maybelline cosmetics.

So, if I can quantify all of the savings, the total for rewards points alone is $40.86. Almost enough for the Skunk Brush that I didn’t buy. Adding the UP rewards brings my total to $47.86. Hmmmmmm is there a shoe sale anywhere???