I went to Ricky’s to get a Halloween costume, and as I was about to pay for my purchase……. lo and behold……there was a Mattésse Elite makeup sale bin. Woot woot! It’s final sale for Halloween, so hurry up and get it while you can makeup junkies. Here is what I bought.


3 blushes – Penny, Peaches N Cream, Pretty in Pink
3 Star Dust powder pigments – Eggplant, Sherbert, Black Gold
2 Pure Color powder pigments – Pure Green, Pure Blue
2 Eyeshadows – Vanilla Ice, Snow White
3 Liquid Eyeliners – Hot Pink, Dark Green, Gray
1 Lip Gel – Give It Up
1 Lip Gloss – Pinkie

The sale price is 1 for $3, 3 for $7, and 5 for $10.
I got 15 pieces, so I got them for $2 each. I am floored. All of this for $30. This is bananas.

I also bought individual lashes, eyelash glue, and lash glue remover. These were regular price. However there was a sale on strip lashes 2 for $10. Perfect for accenting those Halloween costumes.

Speaking of which, here is mine. The lashes are perfect. I used about 10 of the longer Matésse Elite lashes on the outer half of my eyelid, and 6 of the shorter Ardell lashes on the inner half.


I’m excited to try out my new colors. Is there anything you would like to see me use in particular? Let me know. Leave a comment.