I wouldn’t do Essie justice if I didn’t do a part 2 to my application post. This is all about removal.

This is my mani after 10 days.


I decided to remove it on this day because there was a Breast Cancer Awareness event the next day, and I needed my nails to match accordingly. At this point, I had one little chip because my actual nail underneath broke and left a jagged corner. Overall, I think my manicure held up very well. The shine was still vibrant, and the signs of wear were minimal. Way to go Essie!

Step 1 of the removal process was to buff off the top shiny layer on the nail. This will allow the remover to penetrate and break down the gel polish.


Step 2 was applying the removal solution to the cotton, and wrapping each nail individually.


Step 3 was to wait 15 minutes.


Step 4 was to remove the cotton and foil and the polish that lifted.


Here is a closer look. On this pinky, I still have the OPI clear hard gel extension.


I lightly buffed off the small remnants of remaining gel from the other fingers and applied cuticle oil to rehydrate the nail.


I filed and shaped my nails, plus removed the shine and oil for my next gel polish application.


Overall, the removal process was straightforward. The buffing needed was very minimal. My main problem nail was the ring finger that had the rhinestones on it. There were more layers of gel on this because I added more top coat to seal the stones. I removed what I could with the orange stick, then reapplied the cotton and let it soak for another 15 minutes. After that, it came off easily when I used the orange stick.

I proceeded to use Lechat Perfect Match Moods gel polish in Heavenly Angel. The name is so perfect for the occasion. This is to raise awareness for those whose lives have been cut short, may their memories live on forever. This is also for those who are undergoing treatment, and those who have survived and beat Breast Cancer. #savetheboobies




The fun part about this manicure is that as your hands get cold, the color changes to a darker pink. Instant ombrė on a chilly day.