I graciously had the opportunity to get my hands on a few Essie Gel polishes. They were slated for an October release, and true to their word, I was able to find them at a Professional Supply store. Oh, the perks of being a nail tech student!

I wanted to test out a few colors before I make them available to my future clients. So let’s get to it.

I ordered 6 colors. There are 36 Essie gel colors in total. 34 colors that pay homage to classic Essie Lacquer colors, and 2 new shades. Sadly, one of the new shades I wanted was sold out, so it has been back ordered.

But I won’t fret. I still have these beauties to make me happy.


From left to right we have the Top Coat, Base Coat, Net Worth and Blizzard. On the bottom row, we have Scavenger Hunt, Dance Class, Deep Pockets, and Pole Dancing.

Here is a list of the gel colors and their lacquer counterparts

  • Net Worth = Where’s My Cheuffer
  • Blizzard = Blanc
  • Scavenger Hunt = Play Date
  • Dance Class = Ballet Slippers
  • Deep Pockets = Sugar Daddy
  • Pole Dancing = Jamaica Me Crazy
  • For this manicure, I chose Net Worth


    The color application went on smoothly. The gel had the consistency of regular polish, but just a bit more pigment. I used the base coat, then 2 coats and cured each coat with the LED light. I felt a slight heat sensation under the light. But that’s nothing to worry about. When the gel cures, the chemical reaction creates heat. I just wiggled my fingers a bit, and the sensation was gone.

    I added a bit of Blizzard to the accent nail, and applied Swarovski crystals to the design. Here is the end result.


    Essie Gel is the first gel polish to be infused with Keratin, to promote healthy nail growth. I have heard many sad stories about gel manicures causing damage to the clients nails. But with the right product and proper removal technique, damaged nails will be a thing of the past.

    I will post an update in 2 weeks to show how it stands the test of time. As of now, it’s full of shine and I can’t stop staring at my manicure. So, what color should I paint my nails next???