So, I decided to jump around and not follow the list the way it was originally written. This is supposed to be day 13, but who is really counting??? I just wanted to do a fun mani!

Summer is coming to an end, and I am trying to hold on to what little of it we have left. Neon has been a big trend this summer, so I wanted to feature this OPI Neon Revolution set today.


The colors included are White Base, Don’t Say it – Yellow It, The Time is Pow, Pink Outside the Box, and Blue it Out of Proportion.

I decided to use the straw splatter technique to get the effect I wanted. I initially saw it in a youTube video by MissJenFabulous and thought it would be really striking with neon colors. The technique involves dipping a thin straw or coffee stirrer into the nail polish bottle. Then blowing through the straw on the clean end. The color comes out in a burst and makes the splatter effect.

Here is my step by step.

First, I used 2 coats of the white base.


Then, I splattered on the blue color.


Next, I added orange.


Then pink.


Lastly, I added yellow.


The process was a bit messy, so I cleaned with acetone and Q-tips.


I’m really happy with the outcome.


Because of the randomness of the splatters, this is a manicure you just can’t get wrong.


Be sure to let the splatters dry before applying top coat.