Last weekend, I visited The Nail Boutique for the very first time. I had a wonderful pedicure done. Here is my story.

The last time I had a spa pedicure, was about a year ago, and it was at a salon in the Village. I don’t even remember the name of the place. I had bought 2 groupons, for a gel polish manicure + pedicure. I took a friend with me, and we were having our usual girl chat. Everything had been going smoothly until the nail tech got a little happy with the cuticle nippers. My foot went back into the water and I felt a little sting on my little toe. BINGO! She cut me. I don’t even think she realized it. She didn’t treat it with antiseptic or anything. Luckily, it didn’t get infected. I put Neosporin on it when I got home, and took good care of it. One might argue, oh it was just a little cut. But, the point is, it should NOT have happened.

My Discovery
I have been looking for a reputable salon ever since. A friend of mine mentioned that she loves to go to The Nail Boutique for manicures, and spoke about how nice the pampering experience was. I started following them on Instagram, and was intrigued by the art work and the fact that they used a lot of high quality polishes. I decided to check out their website, and that’s when it hit me that I MUST go. They have a Champagne and Roses pedicure. They put up a disclaimer about their sanitary practices. And, best of all, they are in BROOKLYN. Most nail salons in Brooklyn are run down, “hurry up and get out of my chair, now pay me” salons. You aren’t even sure if they clean the pedicure basins and would it kill them to use a new file? But this salon was waaaaaay different.

They had an Instagram/Twitter contest where you follow them on both sites, and you post your nail of the day. So, I did just that, and won a gift certificate. I was so excited, but wanted to wait for a nice summer day to get my toes done.

My Experience
Making an appointment was very easy. The staff member on the other end of the phone was very nice and accommodating. They also have an online booking system that comes in very handy if you can’t pick up the phone to chat. Sometimes, we are really busy at work, so that makes life a lot easier.

On the day of my appointment, I was running late. I let the salon know what my estimated ETA was, and they didn’t have a problem squeezing me in a little later.

Upon arrival, I sat in the waiting area and was offered a cool Sangria as I perused the nail rack for the perfect polish color.


The rack contained all of the brands that I like and currently use. Essie, OPI, China Glaze, and Zoya were among them. I love the fact that the polishes are free of the harsh carcinogens. Kudos to the Nail Boutique for really taking their clients health into consideration. There was also a luxury shelf that included Chanel, YSL, and Dior polishes. I was impressed with that as well.

I chose China Glaze’s Rose Among Thorns and OPI’s Lights of Emerald City for my pedicure. I wanted something bright and summery, and the white/iridescent glitter intrigued me as well.


The Pedicure
The wait wasn’t long, which I was kind of nervous about since I had missed my appointment. I sat down in the chair, and my feet hovered over a clean tub that was drained. A fresh, clean towel was placed on the footrest and fresh water was added for me.


My pedicurist wore gloves during the whole process. Firstly, she applied a masque to my legs, and wrapped them in plastic wrap. Then put my feet to soak.


She dried my feet, and clipped my toenails using a tool kit that came in a sterile, sealed, pouch. Brand new, only for me. I forgot what order everything happened in, but my feet were thoroughly scrubbed, cuticles clipped, toes filed, calluses shaven down, and NOT cut with a blade. The pedicure ended with a foot and leg massage with oil before the polish was applied.



Here is my happy summer pedicure. Well worth the cost, and all around great pampering experience.

Yes, I am propping my foot up on the console in the car. Hehe!

Do I have any complaints??? I want to kick myself for not coming here sooner.

Within the past week, I ordered those 2 nail polish colors. I want to do some fancy designs on my hands with them.

Overall Synopsis
I was looking for a salon that didn’t hurt me, and I found it. I was looking for a salon that was respectful and compassionate, and I found it.

As a Nail Technology student, I have learned about proper procedures, and this salon did a great job. So many others fall short because they don’t really care for their clients. Seriously, wholesale nail files are less than $1 a piece. I felt great comfort knowing that new disposable implements were being used.

My pedicurist and I had a conversation about nail art, and even shared a few laughs. She didn’t ignore me, or make me feel like I was in a toe-painting factory. The staff on a whole was very courteous and the vibe was nice. Smooth Jazz and R&B tunes played in the background, and I caught myself singing a Sade song.

I will definitely be back!