My wonderful friend Alicia from Queens has turned into a Julep junkie just like me. I decided to have some fun with a few colors, and try a manicure that she has always loved, but didn’t know how to do. Gradients.

She loves pastel colors, so we picked Julep’s Carrie, Renee, and Charlotte for this manicure.

We started off by taping around her nails to make clean-up easier. I applied a base coat of Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong.


Then, I applied a base coat of Carrie, and did the most important thing. I let it dry thoroughly.


Once this was dry, I used a makeup sponge to tap all 3 colors onto the nail, moving it around a bit to blend.


I applied a second coat of the gradient, then used Seche Vite top coat. Here are the finished results. Alicia loved them, and she is a great client.