Here is my synopsis of the 5 Boro Bike Tour. I started training for it 2 weeks before the big day. I was able to ride a total of 15 miles since last summer. However, I was aiming for 40 miles, so I really needed strong will, determination, and a prayer.

The night before, I decided to paint my nails. How could I not represent #1 for Brooklyn, and #2 for all the glamazons out there.

Here are the results of that manicure.


The colors used are Essie Blanc, Essie Tour De Finance, and OPI Polka Dot Com. I also used a black striping polish to draw the bicycle, and a white striping polish to draw the wheel.

After painting my nails, I headed to bed. The next morning, I got all geared up for the tour. Most women don’t like to wear makeup when doing sporting events, but I decided to wear something light just in case there was a photo op. So, after applying my Garnier moisturizer with SPF, I applied Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream in “Deep Sheer Tint”. It was very lightweight on my skin. I used some colors from Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows palette – Scandal, Roach, and Smog. Hmmmm it’s funny how these names can be associated with New York. I lined my eyes with Maybelline Eyestudio in Blackest Black and used Mega Plush Mascara. For my lips, I used L’Oreal Infallible Forever Fuschia. It actually stayed on all day after eating tons of bananas.

Here I am all ready for the tour.


I can honestly say that the first 30 miles were not that tiring. I took mini breaks, ate bananas, raisins, protein bars, and Honey Stinger electrolyte gummies.

Here is a picture of the Queensborough Bridge in distance. We were on the FDR, slowly approaching a very steep incline.

They say New York Water is the best water. Truthfully, I saw a hose attached to a fire hydrant and I saw jugs of water with spouts. Hmmmmm…. I’m so used to using a Brita filter at home. Luckily, I had electrolyte tabs to add to the water to mask the flavor. It didn’t taste bad, but it just tasted a little different.

Here is a picture of all of the riders at the “Gowanus Bottleneck”. The next 9 miles were the longest 9 miles ever. There were about 3 serious steep inclines. I decided to walk along the edge. I feared that I would lose balance fighting the hill, or worse yet someone else would lose balance and hit me.

This sign was waiting for me after my fatigued legs walked up the 1-mile incline of the Verrazano Bridge. It was all downhill from here.

Then I made it to the finish line.


I was so happy to be done, that I wanted to lift the bike over my head. But, I was so tired that this is how far I was able to lift. Hahaha!


I celebrated the victory with a Mango Mojito.


At the end of it all, after 5.5 hours of riding and stopping for water breaks, my makeup stayed put.


Here is a GPS plot of my course.


All in all, it was a fun ride. I would like to thank the cyclists who used proper signaling technique for letting me know when they were going to pass me. That prevented so many accidents and injuries. It’s good to know that the money raised in this tour that is not set up for charity goes into education programs to teach cyclists the rules of the road.