I recently purchased a polish from OPI’s Liquid Sand collection.
Get Your Number.


I wore it during the last day of April to celebrate the close of Autism Awareness month. Many women have been painting their nails blue to promote the cause, so I figured this was the perfect time to try it out.

I started with a base coat, then applied 1 coat. It went on glossy and dried to a matte finish.


I added a second coat as the instructions recommended.

The consistency of the polish was very thick and gelatinous. I almost felt like I was painting my nails with Jell-O when I went over with the second coat.

The instructions specified that top coat was not needed. So, of course I added topcoat to the accent nail to see what the difference is between the Matte and Glossy finishes.

Here is a closer look. I love both the textured look and how the gloss makes the glitter sparkle more. I feel like I’m wearing glittery sandpaper.

I got a lot of complements when I went to the MAC cosmetics store. The men were especially interested in touching my nails to feel the texture. I would definitely buy this again brand again in another color.

The only problem is, which color do I choose?