I was so excited to see this waiting for me on my desk at work. I ordered a mystery box that is valued at $70-$200 in goodies from Julep.


Here are all the goodies packaged so nicely.


The first thing I got excited about was the Ponegranate Body Scrub and Body Creme. This is the perfect thing to banish blah winter ski

They are mineral oil and paraben free, and utilize anti-oxidants to refine the skin. Shea butter, coconut oil, papaya enzyme, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and kukui nut oil work their magic to make your skin exceptionally soft. These retail for $18 each, and cost $14.40 for Julep Mavens.

The next item in the box are pedicure toe separators and a nail file.

I’m not sure how much these cost, but it’s always great to have new supplies at the beginning of the season.

Here are the colors that came in the package.


Ally, Melissa, and Sadie.


Ally is a frosty blue, valued at $14 and $11.20 for Mavens


Melissa is an opalescent shimmer polish valued at $14 regularly and $11.20 for Mavens.


This brings our retail total to $64.00 and Maven total to $51.20.

Julep promised to include one of their new Sea Salt collection colors, and they didn’t fail to deliver.


When I saw the preview email, Sadie was the color that I wanted. I’m so happy it came in my box. The other choices were a pastel pink and a neutral tan. Sadie is a lot more funky in my opinion. The price isn’t listed on the website, but if we assume $14/$11.20, we get a total of $88 retail and $62.40 for Mavens.

The lovely part is, this whole box was only $24.99, which is $5 more than the monthly maven box. That’s about 72% off the retail price ( excluding the unknown cost of the nail file and toe separators).

Hmmm, which polish should I use next???