Rockabilly- the essence of the Elvis era. Pin-up girls, polka dots, pompadours, large bows, leopard print dresses. This was the first time I realized this style actually had a name that described it. Silly me, for not knowing. I used these influences as part of my next manicure.

I started using Julep polish in Rose, and Emmanuelle. I also used Essie Blanc and OPI Goldeneye, as well as black Nail Art Paint and a dotting tool.


I applied Rose to my pinky, middle, and pointer fingers. I did a French nail on the ring finger with Emmanuelle and Rose, and used Blanc on the thumb.


I started creating the polka dots first, to give them plenty time to dry and not smear. I used the dotting tool dipped in Essie Blanc for this.


On the ring finger, I created the centers of the cheetah print with random elongated dots of Goldeneye.


Once that was complete, I used the black striping polish to create the outlines for the cheetah effect.


On the thumb, I drew a polka dot dress. I would wear that if I owned one.


True to heart, I cannot be without bling. I created a rhinestone bow on my middle finger.


I followed up with Seche Vite top coat on all of my nails. No smudges or color mixes/drags. Yaaaay!

Here is my complete manicure. This was really fun to do, and I can’t stop staring at them. I think I’m in love.


This is my first time using the Julep Rose color. It certainly won’t be my last.