I started this manicure with a gradient base, then painted artwork on top of it.

My base is 1 coat of Essie Blanc.


I then used a makeup sponge to create the gradient background.

I used Julep’s Julianne on the pointer finger, Claire on the others, and Pure Ice Free Spirit on the thumb.


I applied 1 coat of Seche Vite, then started on the artwork.
I began with an umbrella on the finger that had both the grey and blue sky to represent the transition.


I drew raindrops on my pointer finger, and tulips on my ring finger, pinky, and thumb.


Here is the completed look.


I also spent a part of the day pampering 2 of my cousins. C. Actually found a picture of a gradient manicure on Google +, and wanted me to recreate it.


For this look, we used Essie Blanc as a base, and Sally Hansen’s Good to Grape along with Julep’s Claire for the gradient. She was fascinated with the sponging technique. I added a bit of sparkle on her ring finger with Julep’s Camille.


Her sister S had a Hello Kitty wristlet that she used as inspiration. I used China Glaze’s Naked, Sally Hansen’s Frutti Petutie, and Julep’s Carrie for this look.



The girls are getting an introduction into art interpretation and nail care. I taught them what a cuticle is, and why they should never cut them, but push them back instead. They also learned the importance of keeping them oiled/moisturized and fell in love with the smell of Julep’s cuticle oil. Here is a photo of my nails along with my 2 little ladies.