For today’s challenge, I decided to use all purple tones as the inspiration. This one is dedicated to Tricia C., who loves purple just a little more than I do.

The colors used are Julep’s Renee, Charlotte, Morgan, and Chelsea.


Before I start, I would like to show you the tool that is my saving grace. It’s called Nail Tees.

It is a set of cotton swabs with really pointy ends that allow you to remove nail polish with precision, in the tiniest of spaces. This makes manicure clean up a breeze.

So, on to the manicure!
I started with a base color coat of Essie Blanc, and added a coat of Seche Viche Quick Dry Top Coat

20130312-010342.jpg It is very important that nails are completely dry before the next step.

Tape the nails to create the colorblock pattern that you desire. Make sure the tape is firmly pressed to the nail surface.


The next step is to have fun with color, and fill in the boxes with the color scheme of your choice. Personally, I like to put contrasting colors next to each other.


Once the polish is applied, carefully peel back the striping tape to reveal the white lines beneath.


Apply top coat, and your beautiful color block manicure is ready for the world to see! Don’t forget to clean up the edges.



Here is a shot of the striping tape that is essential to this manicure.