This tutorial was specifically requested by Alicia HD from Queens. So, here goes!

My color inspiration for this manicure is the fabric from my favorite pair of snow boots.


The colors used are Julep’s Carrie, Charlotte, and Gayle

Step 1-Prep
Using scotch tape, tape around the nail to prevent polish from getting all over your fingers.


Step 2-Polish
Apply 1 coat of strengthening base coat.
Then, apply a coat of Carrie and let it dry.


Step 3-Sponge application of gradient
Apply the 3 colors to a makeup sponge.


Pat the sponge on to the nail until it all blends. This is the first coat.


This is after the second application


Step 4-Seal the Design
Apply Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat once you are happy with the blending.


Step 5-Clean Up
Remove the tape from around the nail surface. Use a cotton swab dipped in Nail Polish Remover to clean up any areas that the tape may have missed.


A few tips.

  • Make sure polish is dry before sponging, otherwise the sponge can pull off your base color coat.
  • Move quickly, and don’t let the polish dry up on the sponge, because that can pull the base coat off of your nail too.
  • Reapply nail polish to the makeup sponge as often as needed. The more, the better the blending and coverage.
  • Use an up and down motion when sponging to blend out areas where the color contrast is apparent.
  • Most importantly, have fun!
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