My mom has been wearing acrylic nails forever. If I remember correctly, it is probably at least 15 years. She has always complained about having really thin nails, which is why she started with acrylics in the first place. Well, times have changed, and so has technology. We all know that acrylics destroy the nail bed, especially since it’s filed down during the application process. So, I am doing a little experiment to see how long it takes those strong healthy nails to grow back.

Here is the initial picture, as soon as she ripped off the acrylics. She said they popped off fairly easily, because this set was on for about a month.


Her poor nails. I see a slight fungus problem that needs to be dealt with PRONTO!
I used this treatment both on top of, and underneath the nail.


I also used a glass nail file to shape her nails, because it is more gentle than the standard emery board. I also lightly buffed her nails with an old buffer I had that was used so much, that it was barely abrasive. This helped me carefully smooth out the ridges.


I then applied my favorite base coat, Sally Hansen Triple Strong.


My mom’s middle name is Gloria, so I saw that it was only fitting to use Julep’s Gloria polish on her nails. She also insisted that I use the new glitter polish that we bought while on vacation, Kleancolor’s Chunky Holo Bluebell. By the way, she loves orange. Lol!


Presenting, mom’s first natural nail manicure in over 15 years.


Here is her Julep Junkie shot! I think we found our newest Maven


Here is a shot of all of the products used to create this look.


My mom was surprised that the polish’s pigment went on strong with the initial coat. She was also surprised at how quickly her nails dried using the Seche Vite top coat. I guess they don’t use that in the nail shop. Hmmmmmm, maybe we can try some nail art for the next manicure.