Today was a Julep mail day. Woot woot!
As soon, as I opened the package, I wanted to rush home to do my nails. But, alas I was at work and could only think about my upcoming manicure.

My Julep Maven membership gives me the extra perk of getting invited to the 72 hour sale. During this time, members get overstocked items at deeeeeep discounts. The item I got was something that was a Black Friday giveaway that I totally missed while I was in my turkey-induced coma. The beautiful iPhone 4/4S case.


The cost by itself was $14, and with a nail polish it was $20. So of course I got the nail polish one. There was a selection of mint green, orange, and purple. I chose the purple color called Gayle. I already have this color from one of my holiday boxes, but I really like it so I figured why not.

Here is a picture of 1 coat. I love the full coverage aspect of this polish. Please pardon my ashy hands. I usually moisturize after my manicure to prevent oils from getting on my nail bed and undermining the bond of the polish to my nail.


Here is a final picture of my manicure. I applied Sephora X Special Effect Topcoat in Chaotic to my accent nail. I love the paint splatter effect. I then completed my manicure with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. After about 3 minutes I moisturized my hands with body butter, and took pictures.