I really put my nails to the test. I had a dinner party at my house. So, I was cooking, baking, and washing loads of dishes. Sadly, my manicure suffered.



So, here is my synopsis on the Freedom Top Coat.
I loved the ease of application. It went on like regular nail polish.
I loved the gel-like shine that lasted throughout the manicure and never faded.

It did not prevent my nails from chipping.

What I would try differently:
I would use the Julep base coat instead of the Sally Hansen Triple Strength as a base. It is formulated differently, so I may see better results.
I would cure the top coat more directly under a 60 watt bulb. Preferably in a desktop lamp. That direct curing time could also be a factor.
I would wear gloves when washing dishes. Lol!

This investigation is to be continued!