He says “You don’t need makeup”
I respond “I want it, and getting what I want makes me happy”

This is what an admirer said to me years ago.  He has since disappeared from my life, but one thing remains true.  I am happy.  I see makeup as a form of self expression, a chance to experiment with colors, and an opportunity to accentuate a look.  Nail polish is my paint and my nails are my canvas.  I get inspired by so many things I see every day, and the whole journey from concept to finished product gives me a chance to stretch my imagination.  I know that he meant well, and was only trying to say that my natural beauty was something he admired.  But I couldn’t allow his admiration to calm my creative spirit. 

Welcome to my blog.  I have a confession.  I am a beauty addict.  I have a second confession.  I am not ashamed about it.  This is a place where you will see my ideas come to fruition.  I hope you enjoy what you see.