I have become inspired by hearing many people talk about keeping CHRIST in Christmas. So, there would be nothing better than a manicure depicting Jesus’s birth.

I found this picture randomly on the Internet.

Here is my depiction of the Nativity Scene

I used an array of colors from Julep holiday gift sets, Essie, Maybelline, and Sally Hansen. The images were handpainted with a striping brush by first creating a white outline against the blue base, and filling in the colors.

The colors used are as follows
Background color: Essie Midnight Cami
Accessory colors
Julep: Gayle, Cindy, Amy, Heather, Lynn, Carly, Glenn
Essie: Blanc, Case Study
Maybelline Color Show: Paint the Town, Shocking Seas, Impeccable Grays
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Gilty Pleasure
Pure Ice: Free Spirit
Random silver glitter and black striping nail paint.